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November 21, 2012

OVERVIEW OF OUR MEETINGS WITH ORGANIZATIONS – Balkan Delegation, June 2 through 20

(To be used to jog memories and stimulate thinking on how we could maintain our connections and develop relationships.)

Meetings with Roma organizations and Roma women:

  • In Belgrade  – The 5 Roma organizations met through Lepa, most were pedagogical assistants and worked with Roma children in schools.  Two English-speaking women from these organizations offered their contact information and expressed interest in ongoing communication.  Lepa also is interested in maintaining contact.
  • In Tuzla  – Roma Women for a Better Future  – Larissa moderated our meeting and an elementary school principal and teacher presented their model inclusion program for Roma children.   Larisa is interested in ongoing communication.
  • In Budapest  – Agnes Ostrolayan, Roma Woman of Courage, member of Parliament, along with  filmmaker, Katalin Boisony involved in “I Am a Roma” film project, part of the Decade of Roma Inclusion.     Katalin was very interested in sharing her business card and maintaining contact.  Agnes is also open for communications.


Meetings with organizations working to rehabilitate and heal women and families after the displacement, rapes, and loss of family members incurred by the wars:

  • Mothers of Srebrenica  – President, Munira Subasic – Membership of more than 8,000 women, all of whom have lost family members, some as many as 40 to 50 in the Srebrenica massacre.
  • Women in Black in Belgrade

Beba Muhic from BOSFAM of course would be thrilled for any connections we could make in terms of markets.  Milos, the young man who spoke for Women in Black, offered contact information and expressed interest in staying in touch.


 Meetings with organizations working to combat domestic violence:

Meetings with  organizations working to strengthen the participation of young people and women in positions of leadership in their country:

  • Fondacija Cure – Coordinates cultural activities for the purpose of promoting gender equality.  Also focused on training young women for deeper participation and leadership in civic society.  Berina and Jadranka are both interested in maintaining contact.
  • OKC Abrasevic  – Operates a cultural center as a means of integrating youth from the three main ethnic groups in Mostar.  OKC maintains an on-line media center, Abrasmedia , convenes regular round table discussions with visiting artists and cultural figures from surrounding countries.  Program Coordinator, Kristina Coric, is interested in maintaining contact.
  • Open Communication Network, University of Belgrade  –  – Practices debate to promote civic discourse.  
Part of a network of university debating teams. Travels to compete with different teams throughout the area.

·      Women for Women International, Sarajevo  Offers a sponsorship program based in Washington, DC, for job and business skills training of women in Bosnia-Herzegovina.   Director,Seida Saric, hopes to maintain contact and to explore projects.

  • American University in Sarajevo  The President spoke of the university’s interest in expanding upon its undergraduate and graduate programs to address the vacuum in education and training in Bosnia-Herzegovina.  Plans to develop distance-training through technology to address technological and business skills needs of women in leadership NGO roles outside Sarajevo.  Esmir Ganic has encouraged continued contact..


We also met with: