June 16 Ljubljana, Slovenia

June 16.  Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana Castle

This clean, modern (while preserving 17th and 18th century architecture) city has charmed us all.  The pronunciation is Lyoob-leeyana.  We thought that we had witnessed one of the most wondrous sights at Plitvic National Park, but in some ways Lake Bled out does Plitvic when it comes to Old World European scenery.  The city of Bled is about 40 miles east of Ljubljana, on the shore of another aqua blue lake.  As we rode along the side of the lake we suddenly saw a tall narrow craggy cliff and at the top of the cliff was perched a fairy tale 12th century castle built by a German king.  In addition, on a small wooded island  near the cliff was an old church with a tall spire.  Only row boats and small excursion boats are allowed on this crystal-clear lake.  White swans completed the dream-like atmosphere.  We could not take enough photos.  Our guide took us up to the castle, where we stood on a terrace and photographed the church island and visited a fine little historic museum.  After the castle visit, and lunch on the deck of a nice restaurant, most of the group walked half way around the lake for better views and photos, while others including myself browsed along the vendors stalls near the restaurant, and took photos of the graceful swans, mallard ducks, and some cute little children dressed for a summer outing.  Merry Lee Eilers. 


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