June 8th, Ambassador Moon, American Embassy, Sarajevo

Like the American Embassy in Serbia, the American Embassy in Bosnia-Herzegovina is focused on working with leaders and organizations in the country to promote civil society, improve government, justice, and the economic system in order to help ready Bosnia for eventual membership in the European Union.  Ambassador Moon spoke of the great difficulty the tripartite government, established through the Dayton Accords, was having working together, and that only very limited progress was being made in governance or strengthening civil society.  However he spoke with considerable enthusiasm for the work the embassy is doing with young people in Bosnia, in particular its exchange programs and small grants programs.  He also recognizes the work  women NGO’s are doing throughout Bosnia but laments the lack of government recognition or support of the work they are doing.   He openly expressed his frustration with the gridlock in government but shared that although the going was  slow, he had hope in the inevitable democratization  and positive change in all sectors of society  with the accession of the new generation.

See the Delegation in Pictures through June 8


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