Thursday, June 7 A Poignant Ride to Sarajevo

Traveling between Srebrenića and Sarajevo today, we passed through a story-book land with  lush green pastures, grazing flocks of sheep, hay stacks shaped like Hoo Doos, and forested rolling hills. 

Hills near Srebrenica

In the villages two-story houses with red tile roofs cluster closely together, homes sheltering families whose laundry hung on balconies,  garden paths lined with flowering rose bushes, and people working in their small vegetable gardens.

Village between Srebrenica and Sarajevo

  But –  30 feet away from a living home, and surrounded by overgrown weeds, is a house hastily abandoned 17 years ago.  Window glass and curtains long gone, black gaping window-holes like the hollow eye sockets in a skull.  Once the residents in this neighborhood had been long time friends.  Now, by chance of ethnicity, some live on, while others have become the hapless victims of an ages-old cycle of violence and revenge.  Such tragedy, on this horrific scale, can never happen again.

Merry Lee Eilers, Balkan Delegation 2012.


One Response to “Thursday, June 7 A Poignant Ride to Sarajevo”

  1. Mary Penny Says:

    Lets hope such tragedies never do happen again but how do we prevent such things??? Following you all closely. Thanks so much for the time you are taking to share your experiences with us.

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