June 5th – Quotes and Suggestions from the Deputy Chair of Serbian Parliament

Gordana Comic ( “Comeech”)

Serbia Deputy Assembly leader, Gordana Comic

was originally  a physics professor at  a university in Novi Saad, but as a professor was not permitted to participate in politics.  She left her professorship to enter politics, joining the Democratic Party in 1989.  She just won her 5th “mandate” (election) to Parliament. She serves as the Deputy Chair the current session of Parliament. With great humor and seriousness she shared with us how as a woman in a so-called man’s world, she goes about the business of effecting change.  Her advice:

Learn the rules, use the rules, change the rules.

Everyone is an ally.  Identify the support you can get to change the rules.

I don’t worry about thinking out of the box.  I just think there is no box.

Be the change you want to see in the world.

Dare to be naive.  First they ignore you.  Then they laugh at you.  Then you win.

When we travel to another country, we share space with each other, but as we have different histories, we do not share the same time.   However we share the same history. the day we decide to do something together.

Follow the cognitive dissonance around you.  Learn to hear  it.  Comment on it.  Show the illogic, how you can’t have it both ways.

Serbia was built on a crossroads of empires,civilizations, cultures, and ideologies.  For the first time we are no longer at the crossroads.  The crossroads have moved east to Central Asia.

Gordana informed us that by law it is required that one-third of Parliament’s membership be women. To guarantee this, party rosters are required to have every third candidate on its list be a woman.  When later in the conversation, one of our delegates asked Gordana for suggestions to strengthen the position of women in our legislature, she suggested that we could perhaps implement a similar system.


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One Response to “June 5th – Quotes and Suggestions from the Deputy Chair of Serbian Parliament”

  1. Anne Tonks Says:

    What an interesting woman. I like this “rule” Learn the rules, use the rules, change the rules Much to think about there.

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